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Entries tagged with "London"

Preshow 1254 – Kyle Legacy, Ruven Govender

A preshow from the now lost episode recorded in London with Kyle Legacy and Ruven Govender.  

NLO 1255: Boots and Bonnets

London comedians Chester Constable and Patrick Brusnahan join Patrick to talk cars, weed and comedy reviews. Patrick tells a story of getting swindled by a homeless weirdo when trying to buy some weed in Soho outside of a pub. We also discuss ways in which cars are like women laying down. Comedy reviewers love going […]

Preshow 1253: Paula Gahan, Chip Chip Chris

We setup to record show 1253 with Paula Gahan and Chip Chip Chris. Enjoy these bonus conversations before the show began.  

NLO 1252: Homeless Swap

Patrick sits down in London with comedian Frank Cassidy to talk about a bunch of tasteless ideas. We get in to a weird discussion about Jews and Gypsies somehow, and whether or not a religion can be a race, and vice versa. Patrick comes up with an idea for the best reality show England has […]

PM in the AM – Mon, July 17, 2017

Patrick is live in London talking about stupid TV shows, weed, cars, and more. We celebrate the two-year anniversary of crazy Joe by watching the latest video and more.  

PM in the AM – Mon, July 10, 2017

Patrick has arrived in London and has a lot of opinions about it. Plans of a sting operation, some of Chris’s friends are banana nuts, and more.  

Preshow 1083 – Chip Chip Chris, D-Frtiz

A small preshow from London with Chip Chip Chris. D-Fritz calls in from his mail route. Patrick gets insulted.    

NLO 1083: Landed in the UK

This is a special on-location show with Chip Chip Chris in London! Patrick finds himself spending an unexpected night in London after traveling for a couple weeks. Chip Chip Chris makes his triumphant return to the show. He shows off his fit bits, and takes the rare opportunity to fire shots at Patrick for missing […]

PM in the AM 24 – Welcome Bork!

Moody calls in to talk to Patrick after his return from Europe. Patrick has lots of stories, but cannot tell them because it would betray the trust of a friendship. So instead he just insinuates at them in a passive-aggressive way for awhile. Patrick keeps tricking Moody to stay up longer.    

The Citadel Show – Chip Chip Chris

Patrick and Chip Chip Chris do this show from their side-by-side beds in London. This is the last time Chip Chip Chris was heard from. Ever.    

NLO 987: Sean of the Wed

Patrick is back in the studio with regular shows after too weeks. In the studio today is fan Sean and his new wife Laura. Patrick does what he can to be nice but also tries to get them fighting likes most couples usually do. We talk about some old stories, and some new. Patrick is […]

AS 967 – D-Fritz, London Talk

D-Fritz sits in for an aftershow, including a call from Chip Chip Chris, and Patrick pining to get out of town.    

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