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NLO 1326: Irish You Were Here

Irish comedian Conor Drum zoom in (if that’s a verb) from London to enjoy some drinks and solve some problems. Patrick met Conor through mutual friends last year in Edinburgh, and the two of them

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NLO 1255: Boots and Bonnets

London comedians Chester Constable and Patrick Brusnahan join Patrick to talk cars, weed and comedy reviews. Patrick tells a story of getting swindled by a homeless weirdo when trying to buy some weed in Soho

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NLO 1252: Homeless Swap

Patrick sits down in London with comedian Frank Cassidy to talk about a bunch of tasteless ideas. We get in to a weird discussion about Jews and Gypsies somehow, and whether or not a religion

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NLO 1083: Landed in the UK

This is a special on-location show with Chip Chip Chris in London! Patrick finds himself spending an unexpected night in London after traveling for a couple weeks. Chip Chip Chris makes his triumphant return to

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PM in the AM 24 – Welcome Bork!

Moody calls in to talk to Patrick after his return from Europe. Patrick has lots of stories, but cannot tell them because it would betray the trust of a friendship. So instead he just insinuates…

NLO Shows

NLO 987: Sean of the Wed

Patrick is back in the studio with regular shows after too weeks. In the studio today is fan Sean and his new wife Laura. Patrick does what he can to be nice but also tries

NLO Shows

NLO 966: ADam

D-Fritz is clouding up the studio with his cuteness tonight. Patrick does a late show after venturing out with D-Fritz to see the new Jackass Bad Grandpa movie. Patrick can’t get the idea of getting


NLO 922 (Full HD Video)

Patrick is back in the studio in Los Angeles, and D-Fritz is sitting in. Patrick wants people to go see Fritz at his new work at a restaurant, and tip him well. Patrick has a…


NLO 921 (Full HD Video)

Patrick does a live show with Chris in London, from the Chip Chip Castle. Patrick is hard on Chris, but it’s out of love. That’s what he says. After yelling about money, Patrick talks about…