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NLO 1034: Going Vinyl

Josh Denny is in the studio to announce his new vinyl album kickstarter. We talk briefly about Dookie and see what’s new with America’s favorite loony toon comedian slash Weight Watchers employee. Then the fuck

NLO Shows

NLO 1030: Gays and Glass

D-Fritz is in the studio to help get this party started right. Patrick attempts to tell some stories about last week, but fails again. Vodka and whiskey are flowing and Patrick is recovering from strep

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PM in the AM 21 – PC Matic

Patrick is joined by Lukster again for this sponsored show! PC Matic is here to save the day! What’s PC Matic? Oh, you’ll see. A lot. This show is a joke. people. Stop emailing me…

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IJHATT Zippercrash!

The aftershow takes an odd turn, while gearing up for the normal Friday IJHATT show. Somehow both myself and Moody call in to talk to Kyle, and we all end up talking to ZipperJim. There’s…

Aftershow Video

AS 962 – Cornell Reid, Gussy

Patrick does an aftershow, and Cornell sticks around. He talks to Gussy as fans in the chat, mainly Moody, dig up details on her past, her boyfriend, and find her blog and videos. Download MP3…

Aftershow Video

AS 958 – Patrick

Patrick does a solo aftershow with chat room interactions and also yelling at Adam about our new app. Download MP3      … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log In SUBSCRIBE NOW and get


AS 888c – Patrick, DarkCast

Patrick comes back for almost four more hours of bonus stuff. Patrick and fans make fun of other comedians on Reddit and try to figure out why everyone over there has an attitude. There’s talk…


AS 888b – Mega Fan Radio

Fans do radio while Patrick runs off for two hours. Patrick intros this segment, featuring Kevin in Toledo, Chip Chip Chris, Ester from Germany and her sister as well, and Lukster. I think they talk…


PodCrash – IJHATT

Fans crash another podcast that is live on uStream. Moody and Lukster are HILARIOUS in this. The host rolls with it and just allows fans to plug NLO stuff relentlessly for over THREE HOURS. Their…

Aftershow Video

Afterhsow 813a – Fan Radio

It’s another three hours of Fan Radio – that is, after Patrick sets the tone. Chip Chip Chris leads the show again, and we get all the regulars like Star, Cory, Kevin from Toledo, Lukster,…