NLO LIVE: Fatty Fails Friday! (July 21, 2023)

It’s been one wild week, and we aren’t done! It’s art contest Friday, and we want to see your best Butch Bradley courtroom sketch creations to put a button on this amazing legal adventure. We catch up with the latest from everyone in the stupidverse, and let the wind carry us down rabbit holes unknown! Grab a friend and come have some fun with your favorite online pals!

NLO Shows

NLO 1426: Krumplaint Department

It’s Sunday and that means it’s time to gather around a campfire and roast the toes of our rivals over the flames of our most deep desires. Patrick hears multiple reports about Angie Krum and how she can’t stop talking about Patrick to people around town. Patrick doubles down on his position on Angie, and asks if she’d like to clarify anything. Patrick talks about attending Wiseguys open mic last week, where Thai Rivera may or may not have been making eyes at Patrick across the room. We take a look at comedian Danny Bevins on Facebook for a glimpse at a grown man who is unraveling publicly with every passing day. Unfortunately, this sickness is spreading. Learn how to process your emotions

Bonus Stuff

BONUS: Thai Claps Back!

Patrick listens live to the latest collection of clipped together sass Thai calls a podcast to see what’s new in the comedy world. Or in Thai’s little corner of it. After Thai’s long week of burning bridge after bridge, Thai goes in on even more comedians, bookers, and friends. He wrestles with the idea that he has a mental illness, and later in the show begins messaging Patrick DURING THE SHOW begging him to take down the videos and asking what needs to happen to make all this analysis cease. In this special show, we listen to Thai’s latest beefs, excuses, lies and even rebuttals to Patrick’s overwhelming and constantly accumulating pile of evidence.

NLO Shows

NLO 1375: Stonky Kong

Patrick is settling in to the new studio, and while there’s still a lot of adjustments to make, there’s even more crap to talk about that’s happened in the past couple of months. Patrick has finally gotten a haircut, and he wants you to know about it. We talk about all the recent market moves, from the recent GameStop peaking to the latest developments in Bitcoin. Patrick wants to get a Tesla, and he thinks Bill Gates is jealous of Elon Musk. We skim the top of some political stuff, and Patrick gets outraged at the though of others having opinions, as usual. The Super Bowl was a massacre, but Patrick loved it.

Bonus Stuff

NLO 1358: Farts and Minds

Patrick has just finished up a week of work in Tulsa and sits down with comedian Scott Schaffer to bitch about these kids today. Progressing in to straight-up “get off my lawn” territory, the two discuss the state of comedy and the world by basically bitching about people who can’t stop bitching. Anyone who posts on social media might be absolutely mentally ill, and blocking people is most definitely a sign of narcissistic dementia.

NLO Shows

NLO 1349: F.E.A.R.

Patrick is spiraling hard and there is no telling where this show is headed from right out of the gate. The entire weekend was filled with updates for the studio, including cabling, graphics cards, memory, accessories, lighting, etc. We explore a t-shirt company run by the right-wing nut butter known as Trez Mala, full off designs and slogans that will make your trachea ache. Patrick is sick and tired of being sick and tired

NLO Shows


This Thai Rivera thing was supposed to be over, but Patrick just can’t help himself when it comes to trying to unravel the distorted mental map of a mad man. Dual scourge of the gay and comedy communities, Thai Rivera, does a podcast named after a more famous podcast. Patrick stumbles in the studio and fires up the stream to listen live, and it turns in to a THREE HOUR deconstruction of a broken man who contradicts himself more and more every minute.

NLO Shows

NLO 456: Fat and Sassy

Another live show mean’s another barrel of fun for you. In this show, Patrick rants about fat girls and their annoying tendencies, and Johnny and Patrick watch in awe as a fat man – yeah,