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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1238: Tight Head

If ever there was a drunk show, this is one of the drunkest. James Hesky joins in to shake his head disapprovingly of Patrick’s rantings on everything from Trump blow jobs to Nazis that maybe weren’t so bad after all. We talk about the latest drama in our ongoing podcast war with Mike David. We […]

AS 1232 – Sean, Shooby, Barwatch

The drinks continue and we check in on some old NLO favorites. Sean and Shooby stick around to check out a gun and crime video by Cool Cat creator Derek Savage. We also watch a loony Mike David pretend he still has a show with a skype friend.  

AS 1231 – Shooby, BarWatch, Crazy Joe

We stick around for an aftershow with Shooby and lots of crazy shit happening tonight. We start by examining Mike David’s latest spin about being let go from the Cumia Network. Crazy Joe is in rare form, and then worlds collide when a hopped-up Red Bar fan calls in to duel with Crazy Joe. Who […]

AS 1229 – James Hesky, Ross Parsons, Tim Unkenholz

The gang sticks around for an aftershow of more drinking and fun. We listen to an old clip from 9 years ago when Patrick got in to another beef with Mike from Red Bar about his lies and whiny bullshit. It’s very similar to the ongoing situation. We talk about comedy and much more.  

AS 1228 – Shooby, The Craziest Joe

On this aftershow, we listen to a clip of Crazy Joe like you’ve never heard. We take a call from one of the finest trolls Red Bar has to offer, and more.  

AS 1227 (Part 2) – BarWatch

The aftershow kickoff of BarWatch continues. More itching, more mini-Mike, making fun of feminists, and more.  

AS 1227 (Part 1) – Nick Starr

Nick Starr and Brian Street stick around for an aftershow. We fire up the first episode of Red Bar Radio from the Anthony Cumia network to watch how it’s done by the guy who hates everything.  

Christmas Eve 2016 – Part 2

The shit show of pod-arguing continues. We uncover and expose more of the lies behind Red Bar Radio and Mike David.  

AS 1030b – IJHATT Kyle, Mike David, Fans

D-Fritz leaves the building, and IJHATT Kyle talks to fans. Mike David calls in to talk about life and stuff. This is a long one.    

AS 1028 – Josh Denny, Mike David, Shooby

Josh sticks around for an aftershow, and Mike David calls in to offer his commentary on everything. Shooby shows up towards the end.    

Tommy Finton Gets MADE

After TommyTalk stops rolling, Patrick does not. Patrick talks to Tommy off-air, convinces him to bring his mom in the room, and then things get a little rude. Patrick and Mike David watch and comment on Tommy getting Made by MTV.    

AS 881a – Patrick, Mike David

Patrick does an aftershow and gets completely hammered. Mike David from Read Barn Korn Kamp calls in. It’s crazy retarded.