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February 22, 2024: KATE MEANEY Can’t Stop! Heather Guillespie LOSES Baby! Haley Sacks Is OILY!

The chronicles of human anal windsock Kate Meaney continue! It’s been a blast watching this young ingenue turned pleasure pocket flail around from show to show, trying to reinvent herself in the wake of her last thrashing. What will Kate Meaney do next? Perhaps her mother Mary Ann Halford can offer a glimpse from the past for the masses to evaluate. Aaron and April Imholte keep getting weirder and weirder, and it’s hard to tell exactly where their relationship is on the sad meter. We watch as Aaron once again proves he is a midwestern dolt whose professional show is unraveling before our eyes. Haley Sacks aka Ms. Dow Jones is back with another video that’s sure to make you curdle with disgust. Heather Gillespie, the human Chicago trash train, has given birth to her baby and the state has already taken it away. What’s next? Will she ever get the dream life she dreams about, or is she destined to roll around in tent urnine and chancla chunks?