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Nobody Likes Onions

Entries tagged with "oktoberfest"

Oktoberfest 2018 Audio Blogs

Patrick records a hungover audio blog after each night at Oktoberfest. Recorded on a phone in bed right after waking up.  

NLO 1299: Albo Iguos

Patrick is in Munich, Germany after a few relaxing weeks of not podcasting to you needy people. He begs your forgiveness and asks that you not hold it against him for taking some time off. Fan Stephen is also sitting in on this show to talk about his recent travels in Italy, where Patrick has […]

Oktoberfest Pod – Big Kyllan

We wrap up our Oktoberfest trip with one last recap show. Patrick has lost his voice.  

Oktoberfest Pod – Shooby, Big Kyllan, Mussey

Our first shitty recap of Oktoberfest, recorded in Munich, Germany. We’ve been too drunk every night to podcast.  

NLO 1249: Stolen Stylus

It’s midnight in NYC, and comedians everywhere are gathering to podcast out of the midday sun. James Hesky joins Patrick in the studio for a late night of tangents and drinking while plagued with technical issues. Patrick recaps his shows in Florida, doing lots of drugs and partying like a rock star, and losing his […]

NLO 1226 (Part 2) – Moody from NZ

Patrick continues drinking and Moody skypes in from NZ. We talk about everything from Bitcoin to his sister.   Download MP3