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NLO 903 (Full HD Video)

SHELBY STOCKTON and JOEY GAY are in the studio today, and things get yelly! Patrick went to see Shelby’s one-woman show, and gives her quite a harsh review. Shelby and Joey think hanging out with…

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PARIS 2009 – You Gonna Cum?

Patrick sneaks in to Dagre’s room in Paris and wakes him up with homosexuality.    … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log In SUBSCRIBE NOW and get instant access.

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Aftershow 800 – Brian King, Star

Brian King and Star are back for the aftershow. We talk more about Apple’s new product and OS announcements. Patrick contemplates getting a new MacBook. Star is drinking coffee. A fan calls in and Patrick…

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NLO 472: Sharpie Face

Patrick and Johnny do a show where they make fun of one of their fans for her choices in men. It’s not nice, but, well, we’re hardly ever nice, and we always go for the

NLO Shows

NLO 432: Dipsticks

Dagre is in the studio and we’re talking about the upcoming trip to London. Our flights have been purchased and we’re planning fun British and French activities to partake in. Patrick bitches about British Airways

NLO Shows

NLO 425: Gravy Dick

In this show we talk about upcoming adventures. We’re headed to London and Paris in November, Patrick is headed back to Houston and Biloxi next week, and Patrick and Shannon will be in Las Vegas