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AS 1012 – Brian and Kenzie

In probably one of the funniest/creepiest aftershows ever, Patrick talks to a 13-year-old girl. I mean, her father is the one that put her on the phone. He lets her listen to this show. Isn’t that crazy? Talk about bad parenting. You hear this, Brian? Shame on you. Buy that girl an Overdose membership.   […]

AS 986 – Patrick Solo

Patrick is home from Texas, and listening to a lot of music in this aftershow. He also revisits 2 Live Crew.    

Bitcoin Bot Show Part 1 – Moody, Patrick, Borts

Patrick becomes jealous of Moody’s Bitcoin gambling bot and wants to get it working on his own. Follow this array of hours where Patrick just rambles forever and curses at his computers.    

Aftershow Singtime

Patrick sings on an aftershow. You’ll probably hate it.    

Patrick Interviewed on Tommy Talk

Patrick gets interviewed by and up and coming star on YouTube named Tommy Finton. Patrick has issues connecting until about 25 minutes in, but Tommy is great. So definitely don’t skip ahead!    

AS 960 – Patrick, Moody, Jon

Patrick does a two hour aftershow with calls from fans, and tons of other madness. He may be a little drunk.  

PodCrash – PickleShit Show

Patrick and fans crash the show of a stupid woman comic and her dumb friends who think they are the fucking best ever. It’s the SHIT.  

Bitcoin Talk – Patrick and Fans

Patrick and fans engage in some more Bitcoin talk. If you don’t like Bitcoin, maybe you’ll still enjoy it. If not, wait for the next one!  

NLO 949: Facebook OG

Patrick does a fast solo show just to give an update on what’s going on. There’s ranting as usual. Moody calls in. We talk about Facebook thuggery. It’s a quickie.    

AS 947 – Patrick Solo

Patrick continues alone for a 45 minute thing.  

AS 945 – Patrick, Songquest

Patrick does a short aftershow and looks for a new song to make a hit from.  

AS 943 – Quick Patrick Aftershow

Patrick does a short aftershow, but it isn’t anything to write home about.  

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