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Melton in the Morning (Nov. 1, 2022

Patrick does a quick introduction for Rokfin people, and explains that this show will be improving slowly. A transgender woman buys the Miss Universe pageant. Costco is selling a 60,000 piece puzzle. Hollywood is being overrun by the homeless and no one seems to care. The grossest man ever is dead, possibly from trying to be clean. People are snapping at parties and shooting people. Why can’t people just have wild conspiracies and believe nonsense anymore? The Paul Pelosi thing has some weird details and there’s something amiss. Kanye West is pouring money in to something called the Ecosystem. Kindness is overrated.

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NLO 1441: Musk Mandates

Patrick is in a mood and he’s here to take it out on your ear holes! We’re relaunching PM in the AM over on Rokfin and Patrick has some plugging to do about it. Patrick thought there was a ghost in the studio and yelled at the curtain for no reason. The midterm election is right around the corner, and Patrick has some opinions on how stupid all of it is. Paul Pelosi has been hammered in the head, which is crazy! The chat gets very uncomfortable as Patrick tries to shake people away from being radicalized robots. Reboot your brains and start thinking again for the sake of society. Patrick talks about why starting your own whatever never works anymore. Practical home alarm system advice is hard to come by, but we’ve got it here