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Nobody Likes Onions

Entries tagged with "piss"

NLO 1290: Doggy Dick Sucking

Patrick is riding back from the Nimbin MardiGrass festival in Australia with a carload of comics. Justin Jones, Lachlan Brooks and Kyle Legacy join in this show during our nine hour trek from Nimbin back to Sydney, recapping highlights of the weed festival weekend. There’s lots of stories, including a man who pissed himself and […]

NLO 1244: Boblinson

James Hesky and English fan Bob sit in for Shooby’s last show in NYC! Shooby is off to San Francisco on a cross-country train journey to begin his new life working for Uber. We look back at some of the best Shooby memories in New York, and reveal some new ones. Long-time NLO fan Bob […]

NLO 1095: Candyflipping

Patrick is joined in the studio by a full cast of characters. Fan Rob joins from Scotland, but the real gems are his sister Tess and her friend Bridget. Get a load of these two bouncy biotches. We talk about Shooby’s recent soiling of the living room sofa, and what punishments should be doled out […]

London Live Show: October 2012 – Part 3

Full HD video of the October 2012 London Live Show. Part three is the amazing conclusion of the show – fans Will, Jessica, Rob, Dave, Patrick kissing a boy, shaving Cornell’s head, and the incredible “Crazy Jesus” ejection. Don’t miss all three videos!      

Aftershow 789 – Cornell Reid, Ryan Dalton

Ryan Dalton and Cornell Reid stick around. More drinking, and maybe some smoking. Patrick has a disgusting story about fishing a button out of the toilet. We talk more about bullying and gays. There’s some talking to fans. We finish with whining and fishing bloopers.  

Patrick in an Airplane Bathroom

Patrick is flying to Vegas with Dagre and pees all over the bathroom seat because he knows Dagre is coming in next. Video below.