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Nobody Likes Onions

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PM in the AM – Tues, Feb 14, 2017 (Pt 1)

Sean from Liverpool tells a sad tale of driving hours to a casino for nothing. We take a dad advice call from our buddy Jonesy. Sean does an English prank call to the Mohegan Sun casino, and Patrick makes it interesting with bort language.  

NLO 1107: Mozzarella Deli

Chris Millhouse visits the show in NYC for the first time. We talk about a lot of things, including a sandwich with potato salad that Patrick ate in Los Angeles while Chris sat in the rain in New York. We take a call from someone working for Google or something, and Patrick tries to pretend […]

Calling 7-11: Hot Dog Edition

Patrick was bored in the studio the other night. He wanted to see if he could track down some dogs.    

NLO 985: Skinless

Comedian Danny Lobell joins Josh Denny and D-Fritz on this show. There’s also a young comic we’re calling Yo Love! Danny has a beef to pick with some organization that is against circumcision and works with men to regenerate their foreskin. He prank calls them in one of the weirdest conversations you’ve ever heard. There’s […]

NLO 976: Coffee Mean

Comedians Cornell Reid and Scott Bowser are in the studio and things are getting cray. Scott is getting progressively more drunk as the show goes on. Cornell is entertained by Patrick making a phone call to the Coffee Bean about some really crappy coffee he had earlier. In between all that madness, we discuss everything […]

NLO 943: Raising Retards

Patrick is flying solo today, but that doesn’t mean it ain’t good. Strap in for some good rants, and a recall of one of the most beloved segments of yesteryear – the Bad Podcast of the Week. Patrick talks about some stories, including a woman who’s entire world is rocked because someone made fun of […]

NLO 940: Breen and Melt

Comedian and happy-go-lucky comedian Alli Breen is in the studio today. Patrick talks about his dad slippers and how he pampers his feet with salt and oils. Patrick and Alli plug some upcoming shows. Patrick is headed to San Diego, Phoenix and several cities in Florida. You should go see a show. We talk about […]

NLO 938: Mike’s Way

Jake Lloyd joins Patrick against his will in the studio. Patrick tells the story of a sandwich place with a big ego. Jake shares the sentiment. Patrick calls the sandwich place to talk to the rude owner. Patrick is also not happy with Chase bank, and he tells you why. There’s some issues with the […]

Zipperfish Creepshow – 7/19/2013 – Part 3

Part three of another drunken rant from ZipperJim! With the help of 4-Chan, this thing just deteriorates in to madness.  

Zipperfish Creepshow – 7/13/2013 – Part 2

Part two of another drunken rant from ZipperJim! In this one he prank calls a suicide hotline, and thinks somehow Patrick is making it all happen. Calls continue to plague Jim.  

NLO 919: Marathon – April 2013 – Pt. 5

We continue bringing you our Marathon Show from April 2013. This is part five of six. Enjoy comedian Danny Lobell and his drunken antics, as well as the downfall of fan Collin as the alcohol and drugs become too much for him. If this is your first time checking out the show, you may want […]

PodCrash – IJHATT

Fans crash another podcast that is live on uStream. Moody and Lukster are HILARIOUS in this. The host rolls with it and just allows fans to plug NLO stuff relentlessly for over THREE HOURS. Their own fans are annoyed and bailing on his show. The chat is over-run with NLO fans, and it’s general chaos. […]

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