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SPECIAL EVENT: Bubbles in Vegas!

What is happening in Las Vegas comedy? While most of the community is positive and encouraging, a few bad apples keep spoiling the bunch. Who is responsible for all the Vegas comedy drama? What rumors are true? Is Trouble racist, homophobic and toxic? Is Diaz Mackie fucking up? And more importantly, is Thai Rivera the comedy tumor that, if carved out, would result in a flourishing comedy community? Let's check out the latest rants by all of them and see if we can make sense of anything anymore. It's all in good fun, except the mental illnesses. We ROASTIN' mofos over here! Bring a body bag! Preview is free for everyone! Full show for OD members only!

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NLO 785: Communal Meats

Patrick is heading to Florida to attend to some personal matters, and that means he is still broke. The hits keep on coming in 2012. JOSH DENNY is in the studio to talk about it.