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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1272: Oh, Marosa

Patrick apologizes for the unscheduled hiatus. It’s nothing that can’t be explained with a long disgusting description of gas issues. As a result of being sick for days of back to back weeks, Patrick has been watching a lot of Netflix. Chef is on his way to visit and he has very high demands of […]

The Crazy Joe Show – March 22, 2017

Catch up with Joe on this onion-tastic edition of the Crazy Joe Show. They’ve been great lately with the addition of effects and music. Check out the latest Joe hits inside. Co-hosted by Shooby.  

PM in the AM – Weds, Feb 8, 2017

Patrick comes back from Las Vegas and is ranting in this morning show. Usually reserved for Overdose members only, this episode of PM in the AM is released for public consumption. Hear about Las Vegas, including the standup comedy shows, gambling, and hanging out with Steve Curran. Shooby News is in full swing, with several […]

The Crazy Joe Show – 11/30/2016

We kick back and check in on our buddy Joe for the first time in months. It’s business as usual, crap sound as usual, and racist rants as usual. Shooby joins in.  

Crazy Joe – Checking in on a Madman

We check in on Crazy Joe and not much has changed. He’s ranting about the Onions even though Patrick hasn’t talked about him or checked in on him in months. A complete nut case.  

NLO 1002: Cookie Season

Patrick settles in to the studio for a solo Friday show. Aside from making some conversation by ranting on his usual annoyances, Patrick is taking suggestions on topics from fans. Apparently it’s cookie season in the Girl Scouts, and Patrick wants to get to the bottom of the flavors available. And he’s not just talking […]

NLO 943: Raising Retards

Patrick is flying solo today, but that doesn’t mean it ain’t good. Strap in for some good rants, and a recall of one of the most beloved segments of yesteryear – the Bad Podcast of the Week. Patrick talks about some stories, including a woman who’s entire world is rocked because someone made fun of […]

NLO 717: Whales and Mermaids