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FREE BONUS: Thai Rivera RUNS AWAY To Austin!

Grrrl can you believe it? Our favorite little Asian girl, Thai Rivera, has run off to Austin, Texas, exactly as predicted by Patrick over one year ago. She is nothing if not super basic! We watch Thai explain in his normal exhausting way the basics of moving as only he can. Poor Bijou! Patrick has new predictions that you’re going to want to bet on down at your local sportsatorium. Will Thai find the friendships, respect and popularity he is looking for in Austin? Or will he be spit out the bottom of the open mic scene just as he has in Phoenix twice, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas? Will he be banned from the clubs there like he is here? Will his “friends” like Tim Dillon and Tony Hinchcliffe put up with his ignorant gay sass in their town?

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D-Fritz sits in on this surprisingly light and funny edition of the show. Patrick is feely spry after using his pedegg and not killing himself. There are no more flies in the studio because there

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D-Fritz is in the studio for today’s extra-long episode. We’re going crazy over a big fat fly that is humming around the room. Patrick tries to kill it about seventeen times, and fails miserably. Patrick

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NLO 1013: PC People

D-Fritz sits in with Patrick on this short show. Patrick is heading off to New York City and is in frantic travel mode. D-Fritz is fresh off his Bitcoin t-shirt win and thinks he’s bit-rich.