IJHATT Mashup Show / Aftershow

Patrick joins Kyle from the He Just Made Terrible Noises radio show and the guys talk about deep things. Like what is the meaning of life, and do we really need women anyway? Then there’s…

Bonus Stuff

Real Talk – From Show 984

Enjoy the “real talk” cut out from show 984 – this is the middle of the show. Hear Patrick and Josh bicker like little bitches while Al sits on the sidelines. I’m sorry and you’re…

Aftershow Video

AS 971b – Al Jackson

Al Jackson returns for the remainder of Patrick’s sad, drunk birthday aftershow. There’s too much going on to even try to summarize.   Download MP3      … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log

Aftershow Video

AS 894a – D-Fritz, Cory, Fans

Patrick and D-Fritz do an aftershow. Lukster buys all the ads on Candi Comics with NLO/Patrick things. Patrick and Cory fight a lot. D-Fritz drinks.   Download MP3    … This content is for OVERDOSE


Aftershow 808 – Josh Denny

Josh Denny is here for another aftershow of “real talk”. In the end, Patrick styles Josh’s hair so he doesn’t look like a douche. This is what you pay for, people. Someone please do detailed…