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Aftershow 1431: Laugh After Dark, Mark Seritella

atrick continues his questioning of Robert E. Lee from Laugh After Dark. Patrick has been offered a comedy special taping and he has some complicated demands. The chat gets in on the action. Rob tips off Patrick that something has gone wrong at the Comedy Supernova show according to Jozalyn Sharp’s social media. The show is booked and run by Mark Seritella, who Patrick had an awkward interaction with in 2012 and the relationship went south from there We dive back in the archives to watch the awkward show unfold at the mention of Mark’s receding hairline. It all becomes unhinged more quickly than anyone imagines. Was Patrick fair to Mark? Is Mark a good person?

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NLO 1431: Laugh After Dark EXPOSED!

Sorry for the clickbait title! Patrick talks about receiving an offer to do a comedy “special” for the fine folks at Laugh After Dark. His self-esteem is not at a peak, and he thinks the idea of doing a comedy special in this climate is crazy, as well as his complete inadequacy when it comes to quality and quantity of comedic talent. Rob, one of the producers of Laugh After Dark, joins the chat because apparently someone has tipped him off about the discussion. Patrick runs a bunch of insane requirements and ideas by Rob, who seems more amused by some than others. Two things are clear – there will be a standing ovation and there will be a performance by the UNLV drumlins.