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MERSH is BIG In Vegas: A Startling Exposé!

Somewhere in the poorest part of Florida, a fat short lazy-eyed guy sits in scotch-soaked pissy sweats and tells the world how it really is! Mersh attack Patrick, bragging about some trip to Vegas involving slap fights and Spirit Airlines flights. It’s a weird flex but we are here for it.

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NLO LIVE: Mooby LOVES Rumble’s Numbers! Bower is HORNY! (June 29, 2023)

It’s Thursday and Patrick would like to put all this crazy nonsense behind us. But can everyone else? Patrick has a rough morning screaming at the chat and allowing himself to be distracted by a bunch of narcissistic psychos. Stuttering John seems to be way behind on internet. Kevin Brennan is mad at Patrick for being friendly with Shuli. Michael Ray Bower is more horny than a guy who like banging and considers himself a sex guy. Steel Toe is not thriving on Rumble no matter what the Mooby man says. Is Stevie Lew controlling the narrative while actually being one of the biggest psychos around? Is he a complete fraud? Send in your LEW dirt for our show tomorrow where Patrick tries to reset the narrative an be less cantankerous overall.