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Nobody Likes Onions

Entries tagged with "seinfeld"

NLO 1282: Meet Landry

Landry Miller joins Patrick and Roy Johnson from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Landry is a young comedian who, in addition to hosting the shows at the club for the week, prides himself on being simultaneously too good and not good enough for everyone else in the world. Landry started comedy at age twelve while branching out from […]

March of the Pigs – IndieNoNo Edition

For those following the latest on Josh, check out the latest small-batch lies.    

NLO 1109: Get Gay!

Patrick is joined in the studio by a special international guest. Long-time fan Cesar from Brazil is here, not only to play second chair but to educate us about all things Brazilian and offer a fan perspective. We discuss the latest Josh Denny happenings, a Seinfeld exhibit here in NYC, and more. Kyle from I […]

NLO 976: Coffee Mean

Comedians Cornell Reid and Scott Bowser are in the studio and things are getting cray. Scott is getting progressively more drunk as the show goes on. Cornell is entertained by Patrick making a phone call to the Coffee Bean about some really crappy coffee he had earlier. In between all that madness, we discuss everything […]

Aftershow 748 – Katie Levine

Patrick continues talking to Katie Levine about Katy Perry being single, Russel Brand sucking at standup, Patrick starting on Proactiv pimple things so he can get famous, day jobs, Seinfeld, and whatever the chat room is up to.