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Members Only Show – June 16, 2023

Come relax and make Fridays Fridays again! Join Patrick as we learn about Micheal Ray Bower’s newly-announced memnto auction! What treasures will DonkeyLips have in store for us? How much is he going to earn? What red-hot collectible will hit the auction block first? We are dying to know the answers to these questions and more. Stick around for the premiere of Dillion Dilligaf’s new film Hell’s Coming For You, an interview with Ryan Bourassa, an attempt to laugh at Mike Bochetti, and a fantastic new recipe for a crunchy snack from our favorite e-chef, Simply Sara.

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Aftershow 1362

We watch some videos of the most recent shooting in Philadelphia. We don’t apologize for anyone getting triggered around here. Fans scare Patrick in to taking his bow off and respecting Twitch rules about graphic content. We check in on Thai Rivera, Simply Sara, Trump has some weird ads about zombies and the apocalypse, and Moody introduces Cooking with Hoarders.

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Aftershow 1351: Cooking with Kay

After such a large helping of Thai, we cleanse our palette with some British flavors. Or should we say lack of flavor. Moody, who never has a shortcoming of idiots in his back pocket, presents Patrick with Kay. Kay is a saucy woman from Sheffield, England who has decided she needs to grace YouTube with her cooking skills.

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AS 1113 – Tony Gaud

Tony sticks around for an aftershow. We show him some of our favorite YouDorks and get his opinion on Fag Dad.   Download MP3      … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log In

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NLO 1071: Popeye’s Pizza

Superfan Sean from Liverpool sits in today as Patrick tries not to be sick. On today’s show, we talk about the holidays, discuss some awesome recent donations by fans, and so much more. Sean is