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September 19, 2023 – CHAD ZUMOCK Is Big Mad! This Cleveland Has-Been Can’t Stop Lying!

Chad Zumock is a mudshark with no place to go! Watch as the Z-Man panics and attacks one of his most ardent admirers and lashes out to control the narrative! Chad Zumock is desperate to not let people know he flies to Texas to sell 117 tickets, doesn’t move any merch, and shakes on stage while he tries to remember his old jokes. Listen to the harrowing tale of Chad Zumock, a failed comedian who doesn’t know he’s a failure, try to spin and change facts in real time. Chad is continually contradicting himself and going off on tangents about things that have nothing to do with anything. The working theory is that poor Chadley lacks the mental capacity to form any kind of coherent argument or stance , and therefore ends every tirade sitting in silence, pursing his lips over and over, while wallowing in his disturbingly dark reality. Enjoy the overtime as Patrick forgoes other topics to discuss this sad, broken dummy.