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ONION AMBASSADOR IS BORN! Joey C Don’t Make His Own Sauce!

You can't plan this kind of brilliance! Patrick gets high! Joey C stream snipes! Christina C calls in to tell the world how nasty her rot pocket is! Joey C defends himself against the casual racism of SbuxxAmbassador, and Patrick decrees SbuxxAmbassador to be his official mouthpiece for the rest of the show. The epic battle of wits between these two northeast tough guys will run you through a guantlet of emotions. You'll scream, cry and laugh away your pain! It's one chill and relaxed night for Mr. McMelton, but the product speaks for itself! Join us for a wacky ride before Patrick fades away faster than Chad sipping Tito's from a botter wottle! It's Friday night, you ain't got no job, and you ain't got shit to do! Join the Onions!

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