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NLO 1281: Hunting Lacey

Comedian Mike Cronin joins Patrick and Roy Johnson in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We talk about everything that has happened thus far in the week, including some drunk and rowdy audience members, as well as Patrick making

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NLO 1271: Thank You Kindly

Comedian Matt Markman joins Patrick for a late night show from Las Vegas. Patrick is still adjusting to living in a land of spiders and scorpions. There’s some jokes about pedophiles the probably shouldn’t be

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NLO 1248: Surging and Sorrys

Comedians Will Watkins and James Hesky are braving the NYC heat to hang out today. New York is boiling hot, and our studio has no windows or air conditioning and tons of equipment, so its

Aftershow Video

AS 1246 – Kyle Legacy

Kyle Legacy sticks around for an after show and we talk hoops, drones, golf carts, and history You’ll never see meatballs or liberty the same.   Download MP3  … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS

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NLO 1203: Goldie Moley

Patrick sits down with The Good Kids, Kieran and Tom, to talk about the fringe. The Good Kids are from Birmingham, and have been coming to the fringe for a couple of years now. They


AS 1115 – Drunk Shooby, D-Fritz

We’re eating pizza and Shooby is telling boring stories about things. Patrick is as well. And D-Fritz is just loving it all.   Download MP3  … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log In SUBSCRIBE

Aftershow Video

AS 1031 – Josh Denny, Fan Roger

Josh Denny sticks around for an aftershow against his will. Fan Roger calls in to update us on his relationship and dating exploits.   Download MP3      … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS

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PM in the AM 24 – Welcome Bork!

Moody calls in to talk to Patrick after his return from Europe. Patrick has lots of stories, but cannot tell them because it would betray the trust of a friendship. So instead he just insinuates…

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NLO 1005: Legally Speaking

Ryan Stout swings by, covered in beard and full of tips for defendants everywhere. On this show, we talk about Jimmy Fallon and how he’s changed since taking over the Tonight Show. We get a

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NLO 997: Fail Ale

It’s the last regular show of NLO Week, and the studio is packed. Patrick is joined by Moody and Chip Chip Chris, as well as fans Bob from the UK, Laura from Finland, and Brendan

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NLO 954: Update From Florida

Patrick gives an update from the road. He’s been in Florida for three weeks doing shows, hanging out with old friends, and winning Comedy Central contests. Hear all about it and more on this show.

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NLO 947: Chappeltdown

Comedian Sean Green is in studio for today’s packed show. Patrick and Sean talk about the pros and cons of meth and how not to make it in your apartment. We watch some footage of

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NLO 945: Whory Cory

Patrick is doing a solo show today, but that don’t mean it’s going to be good. You’ll find out what Patrick thinks about laundry pods and laundry powder. Why do we all just agree it’s

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NLO 773: Taste the Hate Crime

Hey you! MIKE BRIDENSTINE is here, along with SHOOBY, and we’re talking a lot about racism, hate crimes and this big hullabaloo with Travon Martin, the kid show down in the street in Sanford, FL

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NLO 479: Meet Matt

Patrick and Johnny are joined in the studio by a long-time friend of Patrick. Matt is a musician and student of the world, and he has opinions on a lot of things you people need