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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 947: Chappeltdown

Comedian Sean Green is in studio for today’s packed show. Patrick and Sean talk about the pros and cons of meth and how not to make it in your apartment. We watch some footage of Dave Chappelle’s latest meltdown on stage, and deal with the harsh reality that maybe he just sucks. Patrick walks you […]

NLO 945: Whory Cory

Patrick is doing a solo show today, but that don’t mean it’s going to be good. You’ll find out what Patrick thinks about laundry pods and laundry powder. Why do we all just agree it’s cool for women to just completely lie about what they look like? Patrick helps new listeners try to understand the […]

AS 944 – Al Jackson, Forrest Shaw, Shooby, Mikala

The continuation of our drunken Saturday show, featuring comedians Al Jackson and Forrest Shaw, as well as Shooby and Mikala. Everyone is good and drunk. We talk about some of the stories we teased on the main show, and so much more. You’re going to LOVE it!  

AS 883a – Patrick, D-Fritz, Fans

This one has Patrick getting drunk, D-Fritz in rare form, and some CRAZY stories start leaking out. Don’t miss this. PS – the audio is more complete than the video on this one.  

NLO 773: Taste the Hate Crime

Hey you! MIKE BRIDENSTINE is here, along with SHOOBY, and we’re talking a lot about racism, hate crimes and this big hullabaloo with Travon Martin, the kid show down in the street in Sanford, FL for walking home with Skittles and tea. Anderson Cooper has nice hair, Geraldo hates hoodies, and Patrick thinks he got […]

NLO 479: Meet Matt

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