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Sunday Funday – May 15, 2022

Patrick returns after hunting for sharks in the Andes and he has souvenirs for all the children, and receipts and health tips for the elderly. Patrick talks about his recent activities in the Las Vegas comedy community. We listen to Thai Rivera and wonder how a man can be so delusional and project as much as this comedy zero. We watch him show off another video of a show that is super empty, cringe and embarrassing. It’s worse than can be described. Patrick talks more about Butch Bradley and his “issues.” This s a wholesome family show about how to cope with your worldly desires while balancing your relationship with the almighty. Enjoy!

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Sunday Funday! April 10, 2022

Pour a glass of pickle juice and wind down the weekend with Patrick and his puppet friends! It’s Sunday Funday and we’ve got people to stare at! Patrick recaps his weekend, including doing a show with Big Irish Jay at the Dirty at 12:30, in which Jay embarrassed Patrick from the stage big time. Patrick is Juuling his troubles away tonight. We talk about how to quit smoking. The Ultimatum on Netflix is pure exploitative garbage. We watch Thai’s latest attempt to get YouTube fame, which is to upload a video and then try to name it something controversial and clickbait-y to gain attention. Spoiler alert – it didn’t work! This entire show is available for OVERDOSE MEMBERS ONLY! Join today!