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NLO 1162: Mr. Doubtfire

Shooby sits in and he’s fresh off the boat – Holy Ship, that is. Shooby gives us the highlights, and teaches Patrick about something called Chromeo. Somehow the subject of foot binding comes up and

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2015 American Music Awards

Patrick watches the AMA’s with fans, commenting throughout. We skip the shit we don’t want to watch. And we watch all the Ariana Grande.   Download MP3     `… This content is for OVERDOSE

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NLO 1043: Fat Shaming

Comedian Bill Burr is in the studio for the first time in nearly two years. D-Fritz is also in the studio, rounding out the number of drummers to two. Patrick engages a story about fat

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NLO 1008: Quakes and Rapes

Comedian and red-vine enthusiast Josh Denny is in the studio, and this one is long. Josh recently got in to an argument with several sassy ladies, as well as a TV show writer, on Twitter

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NLO 1003: Bang Shop

Patrick is joined in the studio by Josh Denny and Sean, aka Babingbongbangs. Patrick introduces an annoying new character in this show, Mugsy Riley, who apparently owns a haircuttery and specializes in cutting bangs. We

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NLO 537: Big Fair B

Chris Fairbanks, hilarious comedian and television personality, joins Patrick in the studio for a hodgepodge of a show that is sure to have something for everyone. We revisit some moments from old shows, talk about