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BONUS – Thai Tries: Kill Tony FailFest!

Let’s watch Thai Rivera’s latest blunders and his appearance on Kill Tony, which is a show where rich comedians throw garbage at poor comedians. Will Patrick have his logo fixed? Who knows! Your guess is as good as the next them’s. Patrick is coughing a lot. He challenges the chat room to a BBQ competition, and our old friend Steve Curran is offended at the notion. Thai does a new video in which we get a glimpse of some of his professional camera equipment. He also boasts about how he didn’t edit the latest episode of Unbothered, which allows us to get glimpses of his life in his sad studio, filled with flies and an air conditioner that doesn’t work. He also complains of car trouble and tells the tale of the worst mechanic “in the world.”

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NLO 1389: Comedy Whistleblowers (Part 1)

Patrick is back to go over some of the stories he meant to cover in the previous show. Crazy Joe derailed the programming a bit, so today you get leftovers. Patrick is happy to be out in society without a mask, but is super sus about the way we were all told about it. Rachel Maddow is having some issue processing things. Sarah Silverman can’t seem to understand that, in general, men are stronger than women. Patrick breaks down the recent events involving the “cancelling” of Tony Hinchcliffe by a virtue signaling opportunity-seeking nobody comic in Austin. AirBNB is trying to get you to think they are cool by setting up overnight stays in Popeyes chicken restaurants and the last Blockbuster video store in Bend, Oregon.