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Steel Toe Watch Show – March 15, 2023

If Steel Toe Morning Show and Aaron Imholte can schedule time around his kids and making his wife clean up eggs and vomit to do a show every morning, so can I. Let’s watch our humpday edition of Steel Toe, which, with any luck, will see a squirming Corey Adam come to terms live with the monster Aaron has become, slinging hack jokes and impressions while trotting out puppets and party favors to beg for more money that Corey sees in a normal week. Can we help Corey Adam out? I think we can. Corey Adam will be getting half of the superchat money from today’s show, to help make up for the low pay at his main show.

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NLO 1408: Trolls and Tables

Happy 2022! Alex “Kool Aid” Ansel is in studio. Betty White didn’t make it, but we all did. We have a new character in the chat named Concerned Troll, but he doesn’t seem to be able to communicate effectively when doling out criticism. Patton Oswalt is a disgraceful worm, and the amount of fake diplomacy he demonstrated is disgustingly insincere. Patrick has a new fascination with Kevin Brennan after a recent weekend working with comedian Chad Zumock. There’s a big misunderstanding about conventions and tables. Patrick isn’t in to Dune, Spider Man, or the Matrix – is he officially old? Kool Aid has grown out of watching wrestling. Thai Rivera recently stunk it up and a New Year’s Eve show. Kool Aid walks us through memories of the Burger King BK Kid’s Club.


NLO 762 (Full HD Video)

SEAN KLITZNER, world-famous actor, comedian and YouTube sensation, is back after a 6-month absence. He and Patrick talk about YouTube and the people who post comments, they cover a story about a woman attempting to…