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BONUS! Liar Liar Shows On FIRE!

What a day, what a way! Let’s have a drink and discuss opportunities for growth and improvement. We all need to take a deep breath and figure out what’s real, what’s spin, who’s out and who’s in. Is Rob Saul full of complete poo? Is Chris Ables obfuscating the truth to protect his ego? How much of what’s going on is being cosigned by Shuli, his producers, or others on the network? With all the rumors and misinformation swirling, we could all benefit from laying it all out in the open and just seeing what’s what!

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September 26, 2023 – Rob Saul Fires Allegations, Chris ENABLES, Shuli LIES About Patrick Live!

There’s some static in the air, and Patrick wants to be the dryer sheet that relieves you of all that tension. Comedian and dog-semen-extractor Rob Saul has gone public with some gossip, appearing on Misery Loves Company with Kevin Brennan on Monday afternoon. According to Rob, the Shuli Network, Bob Levi, and Chris Ables are all purchasing views for their videos, and claims to have receipts. Who is lying and why? Who is Steven Springer? What is “marketing?” Kevin Brennan is still being retarded, and it has to be a work. Aaron Imholte let his seat be filled by Keanu on Monday night. What lows will Aaron and April stoop to next on the Steel Toe Desperation Show? This show gets derailed by the accusations against the Shuli network, and intensifies when Shuli begins lying about Patrick live on The BS Show for some reason.