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October 10, 2023 – DonkeyLips Is Lazy & Scared of NLO! New Levy Launch! Waffe House Whiz Kid!

Another day, another kiwi. Moody joins Patrick again after another exciting day experiencing everything Las Vegas has to offer. We have important NLO business to discuss. Patrick promises not to bait Moody in to any long arguments. We check in some of our favorite idiots and try to get caught up. Michael Ray Bower won’t trust NLO, but really should. Patrick could be the answer to all his problems. Bob Levy is starting a new channel and promises to set himself apart from other entertainment. Earl Skakel wants to wave his willy on the wall on Patrick’s birthday. Will he allow it? The Waffle House method in action is very impressive. Join us, won’t you?

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September 29, 2023 – Kevin Brennan HATES Truth, Ray Spins Facts, Mandatory Employee Training

It’s Friday in Las Vegas, and the end of September is nigh. So much has happened this week, both good and bad, and Patrick thinks everyone could use a super-sized palate cleanser to start the weekend. Patrick addresses some of Kevin Brennan’s insane concerns. Ray Devito is pulling videos down to prevent being caught in lies and avoid upsetting any future possible princesses. Joey C makes a lot of threats for a guy who can’t go up a flight of stairs without huffing for twenty minutes. Patrick has discovered one of the most insane videos on the internet and would like you to join him for a very rigorous employee training session from our friends at Waffle House.

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PM in the AM – Fri, May 22, 2020

PM in the AM is back and so are America’s gangsters. Patrick talks about the reopening of casinos, and two shootings this week that prove we are getting back to normality. Patrick doesn’t understand the Nintendo Switch, but feels like he should get one in order to keep up with the youngsters. Animal Crossing is all the rage, so we try to dive in and learn what it’s all about. Alex Ansel checks in to explain why it’s so addictive.

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NLO 736: Oh My Godfrey

Patrick is on the road making jokes, and this week he is working with comedian Godfrey from New York. Godfrey talks about race in comedy, people with advice and what they can do with it,