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January 25, 2024: “THE MANDOLINCIDENT” – Kevin Brennan Goes WILD Over Nothing!?

It’s Thursday, and one day off has turned in to another hot story in the Dabbleverse! People are sharing a video of Karl from Who Are These Podcasts? doing a livestream and sharing a moment with his wife on camera. Karl has also gotten upset recently about attacks on his family by Stuttering John. Who is in the right? Is more going on here than meets the eye? Let’s get in to it. Plus, Patrick wants to catch up with some of our best creeps to find out how the new year is treating them. There’s gold in this here show, and you should go grab a pan and help us find some nuggets, cowpoke!

NLO Shows

NLO LIVE: Ray Has Gone CORPORATE! A Rustic Review, International CRINGE! (July 27, 2023)

It’s Thursday, and that means you’re probably going to make it to the weekend, you lucky duck! Patrick has received an insane request from Ray regarding his new merch. Ray continues to perpetuate the myth that he’s a superior jokesmith while simultaneously hurling the lazy insult “fatty Patty” repeatedly. Atlantic City is heating up and someone is definitely going to get hurt. Drunk on Cringe is way worse than we could have ever thought. Patrick reviews Rustic Cuts latest chunk of cow to make it to his plate.

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Melton in the Morning – April 6, 2023

Good morning, fish! The forecast calls for big scrimpin’ and lots of coastal cope cascading the cape! Get it? Alliteration! Aaron reveals what The Tampa Papers are and it’s the most insane thing you’ve ever seen. Corey Adams was on MLC and apparently it was A LOT. Watch as we break down Corey’s insane personality switch, not understand why people don’t like it, and then proceed to lie about Patrick while admitting he’s mad. Have some chamomile and take a nap, Corey. We sell a lot of hats and Patrick needs Kevin Brennan to stop being mad at ghosts he made up in his head.