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NLO 1112: Pimp & Ho

On this show, we welcome relationship guru Dante Nero and our very own Cory. Dante is a comedian and has also been giving relationship advice to people for years. He co-hosted the Black Phillip show


Aftershow 818a – Josh Denny

Josh Denny sits in for hour one of this FOUR HOUR aftershow. Patrick and Josh talk about their friendship, and then critique the infamous “True Life – I’m a Sugar Baby” episode from MTV. Josh…

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NLO 776: jRobot

JOSH DENNY is back in the studio, and woah, this show gets real. I think we have a real friendship breakthrough therapy session. Also in the studio are fans Ben and Brendan, and Brendan brought

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Aftershow 776 – Josh Denny

Josh Denny is sticking around for today’s TWO HOUR aftershow. Ben and Brendan are also here, and Josh clarifies his views on gay (or makes it more confusing), we talk about creepy bounce house places,…

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NLO 528: Damn Skippy

Holy mothballs! We’re joined in the studio by Skippy Greene, a veteran comedian who’s seen it all, from the dawning of the locomotive age, to the ending of World War II. He has stories and