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NLO 1426: Krumplaint Department

It’s Sunday and that means it’s time to gather around a campfire and roast the toes of our rivals over the flames of our most deep desires. Patrick hears multiple reports about Angie Krum and how she can’t stop talking about Patrick to people around town. Patrick doubles down on his position on Angie, and asks if she’d like to clarify anything. Patrick talks about attending Wiseguys open mic last week, where Thai Rivera may or may not have been making eyes at Patrick across the room. We take a look at comedian Danny Bevins on Facebook for a glimpse at a grown man who is unraveling publicly with every passing day. Unfortunately, this sickness is spreading. Learn how to process your emotions

Bonus Stuff

BONUS: Thai’s Money Meltdown!

We’ve got a pair of dolphins doing stunts over here and if there’s time we will be visiting a local ice creamery to see how our favorite treat goes from a cow to your cone! Jkjk there’s a lot of technical issues lately and we try to work through them. Patrick talks briefly about his experience going to Wiseguys open mic. We tune in to the Ocha Bar open mic for a bit, to see how it’s going without Thai’s main lackey there to do everything. Thai has trouble operating a clock and engaging the crowd. Casper saves the day with jokes, energy and professionalism. Thai runs on stage to melt down for the second time in three weeks to his live audience about Patrick and about not getting enough money.