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NLO 1144: Yoko Oh No

We continue the discussion of the comedy club that wouldn’t pay. Everybody’s favorite boi D-Fritz sits in on today’s show, even though I don’t know if it can be officially called a show. We try


AS 1139 – Shooby, D-Fritz

Patrick does an aftershow with Shooby and D-Fritz, and things get weird. Wings are on the way. Kat is making blackened salmon for dinner. Voice effects are go.   Download MP3      … This

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NLO 1136: SplashBook Pro

It’s Sunday and that means D-Fritz aka Ya Boy aka Whipped Potatoes is here with us. Fritz was in a horrific car accident last week with his girlfriend while on vacation in Pennsylvania. It could

NLO Shows

NLO 1134: Bathroom Codes

Ya boi D-Fritz visits the studio for one day only to do a show. He’s lucky enough to be around for a therapy session with Patrick and Chip Chip Chris involving a bathroom at a

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NLO 1128: Comedy Comments

It’s Sunday, and that probably means ya boi (your boy) is somewhere nearby. D-Fritz joins this show to talk about condemning new fans and redemption for others. We watch a video apology from new-superfan Steve

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NLO 1111: House of Lards

It’s Sunday, and that means your ears need their weekly dose of Fritz. On this show, Patrick dives deep into cold brew coffee education to the dismay of some of the chat room. There’s an

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NLO 1093: Fritz.Sundayz

Ya boi D-Fritz joins the show via Skype from sunny Los Angeles. As it turns out, Fritz really hates Josh Denny and can’t wait to jump all over him for his behavior on social media.

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NLO 1078: Miss Evelyn

Patrick and D-Fritz do a show, but it’s not awesome or anything. D-Fritz is super busy making sure his hair looks like a teen. It’s good to have “ya boi” back on the show. On