Aftershow Video

AS 1166 – James Hesky

On this aftershow, we check out the Microsoft Zune with James Hesky. There’s some other stuff, too, but you need to listen. I can’t be typing up descriptions all damn day.   Download MP3  …

Featured Videos

Overdose Show 12 (Patrick)

Patrick’s sits down and enjoys some Chicken McBites with the fans. He talks about what’s wrong with fast food today, including ketchup and burgers. A fan has a Zune and can’t get the Overdose feed…

NLO Shows

NLO 773: Taste the Hate Crime

Hey you! MIKE BRIDENSTINE is here, along with SHOOBY, and we’re talking a lot about racism, hate crimes and this big hullabaloo with Travon Martin, the kid show down in the street in Sanford, FL

NLO Shows

NLO 602: Human Centipede

Patrick is joined in the studio by comedians Dan Gabriel and Josh Denny. The guys talk about various events of the week, and Patrick worries that he may be part black. There’s news stories, about