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NLO 601 – Iliza Shlesinger Walkout

Patrick sits down to do a show with Chris Porter and Iliza Shlesinger and it gets awkward fast. She is short-tempered and uninterested in being there, uses her BlackBerry the entire time, and then is insulting and walks out after a caller is rude and calls her a cunt. What do you think?


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10 Responses to “NLO 601 – Iliza Shlesinger Walkout”

  1. Hey Patrick, there seems to be something messed up with the recording. It keeps skipping ahead. I’m not sure if there was something messed up in the upload, but I downloaded it twice thinking it was my fault somehow. It’s still messed up. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

  2. nevermind.. its better after 3 min.. i’m a dumbass.

  3. This was an issue. It should be fixed.

  4. Patrick there seems to be a problem with the recording. I keep hearing this cunty sound over you and Chris Porter.

  5. Never mind it’s just Lliza Shlesinger

  6.  Did you died

  7.  I love how she complains about a lack of content. Hey, stupid, you are the content. It’s on you to make things fun. Even when material is prepped for a show, it’s just to function as a catalyst to fun bs’ing. So, shutup and learn to entertain

  8. shes a grade A dick….. get her back on

  9. She is a great performer though.

  10. File is unavailable?

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