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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1266: Showdown in Spain

Vincent Valentine and comedian Celestian join Patrick for a show in Barcelona, Spain. Patrick tells the story of pissing off another comedian named George, resulting in a rumble on the Rambla. Celestian is a prodigy when it comes to not giving a fuck about promoting comedy shows, and also solving the Rubik’s cube very quickly. […]

NLO 1100: Hella Haterz

Patrick is in the studio solo today to address a ton of hate coming our way. In the first half of the show, Patrick talks shortly about Letterman retiring and what it means to him. The chat is not in the mood for normal “content” and insists we move on to addressing the recent hate […]

NLO 1094: Comedian Dan Nainan

Comedian J-L Cauvin is hanging out in the studio for this special show. Not long ago, fellow comedians and podcasters Joe Robinson and Rob Maher made Patrick aware of Dan Nainan, a comedian based in NYC. Apparently, Dan hates other comedians who smoke, drink and/or use profanity in their act. Dan does clean, corporate comedy […]

Douche Garbanzon – Part 1 of 3

After our big Bill Burr show last week, we have a 6+ hour aftershow that got super fun. First we talk a little bit about the aftermath of the whole Josh Denny situation. Then we get into a new story out of Tampa, where Johnny B (former co-host of this show) has pissed off another […]

AS 992 – Moody, Shooby, Adam & Kirtstin

The two hour conclusion of the awkwardness between Adam, Kirstin and all of us people.    

AS 985b – Josh Denny, D-Fritz

It’s bitchfest part two and Patrick and Josh continue arguing about who knows what. D-Frtiz takes it all in.    

NLO 984: Red Hawt

Comedians Al Jackson and Josh Denny are here. This ones is a long one, but the public version is shorter. Patrick and Josh get in to one of their epic ego battles, and Al Jackson just sits back to relax. You can here the complete redacted flight on the OD, but the public version is […]

NLO 981: Hooters and Handcuffs

Patrick has just returned from Las Vegas, and boy does he have some stories. First, the show takes an awkwardly serious turn when D-Fritz and Captain Daddy talk about STD’s for about twenty minutes for seemingly no reason. Patrick also has a stellar rant about cowboys tucked away in here. There’s some Bitcoin talk, as […]

NLO 974: Cupcakes and Comeuppance

Come for the Dave Siegel, stay for all the yelling! Patrick is hopped up on something today, because he’s wearing his voice out screaming at the guests. You have to watch the video of the show to find out that he’s doing it with a big silly grin on his face, but either way, he’s […]

Aftershow 806 – Cornell Reid

Cornell Reid sits in for an after-show. Does anybody want a hand painted beer bottle incense burner? Was NLO better in the beginning, or now? Vegas casino talk. Carrot top and other Vegas acts that are good. The show notes have issues including randomly capitalized words, double-spacing after periods, and a complete lack of keywords. […]

Aftershow 794 – Josh Denny

FOUR HOUR SHOW! This show starts out fun and funny, but gets real serious really fast. Patrick and Josh have a three hour real argument on air, which all started when Patrick confuses LLC’s with S-Corps (business!) and Josh though Patrick was going to brag about having degrees. What follows is a long conversation and […]

NLO 601 – Iliza Shlesinger Walkout

Patrick sits down to do a show with Chris Porter and Iliza Shlesinger and it gets awkward fast. She is short-tempered and uninterested in being there, uses her BlackBerry the entire time, and then is insulting and walks out after a caller is rude and calls her a cunt. What do you think?     […]