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NLO 1266: Showdown in Spain

Vincent Valentine and comedian Celestian join Patrick for a show in Barcelona, Spain. Patrick tells the story of pissing off another comedian named George, resulting in a rumble on the Rambla. Celestian is a prodigy

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NLO 1100: Hella Haterz

Patrick is in the studio solo today to address a ton of hate coming our way. In the first half of the show, Patrick talks shortly about Letterman retiring and what it means to him.

NLO Shows

NLO 1094: Comedian Dan Nainan

Comedian J-L Cauvin is hanging out in the studio for this special show. Not long ago, fellow comedians and podcasters Joe Robinson and Rob Maher made Patrick aware of Dan Nainan, a comedian based in

Aftershow Video

AS 985b – Josh Denny, D-Fritz

It’s bitchfest part two and Patrick and Josh continue arguing about who knows what. D-Frtiz takes it all in.   Download MP3        … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log In SUBSCRIBE

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NLO 984: Red Hawt

Comedians Al Jackson and Josh Denny are here. This ones is a long one, but the public version is shorter. Patrick and Josh get in to one of their epic ego battles, and Al Jackson

NLO Shows

NLO 981: Hooters and Handcuffs

Patrick has just returned from Las Vegas, and boy does he have some stories. First, the show takes an awkwardly serious turn when D-Fritz and Captain Daddy talk about STD’s for about twenty minutes for

Aftershow Video

Aftershow 806 – Cornell Reid

Cornell Reid sits in for an after-show. Does anybody want a hand painted beer bottle incense burner? Was NLO better in the beginning, or now? Vegas casino talk. Carrot top and other Vegas acts that…


Aftershow 794 – Josh Denny

FOUR HOUR SHOW! This show starts out fun and funny, but gets real serious really fast. Patrick and Josh have a three hour real argument on air, which all started when Patrick confuses LLC’s with…