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STEVIE LEW vs. CAT FOOD! A Real Fight Between Real Guys!

Our boy Stevie Lew is all grown up, and he’s fighting some guy named Ryan Cat Food! Why? I’m not sure. There’s some beef, and it can only be handled by stepping in to a padded square and physically pummeling each other with fists which are also coated in tons of padding. Stevie has been preparing, working for months in the gym to up his boxing prowess. Who will win? Who is Cat Food? Will this be stupid or good? Only time will tell!

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NLO 1372: Bitch Made Vegas

Patrick has taken a poll on instagram about Las Vegas comedians, and he’s been getting some strange messages. How deep do the secrets of the Las Vegas comedy scene go? Will we ever know? Are some good guys being accused of being bad guys, and vice versa? Will Matt Markman ever sell enough of his CD’s to stop posting photoshopped promos for it? We don’t answer many of these questions, but we have fun tiredly speculating endlessly.

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Burning Bridges: An Onion Arbitration

Who is the Queefsquad? What are they? And why are they so concerned with what an ex-member and fellow streamer is doing with his life? One of the Queefsquad members, Jonesy, calls in to make his case against a former friend who he feels has done them dirty. We dive in to The Who, what, when, where, and why in this airing of grievances, ultimately allowing you, the viewer, to decide the outcome of this “case.”

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NLO 1266: Showdown in Spain

Vincent Valentine and comedian Celestian join Patrick for a show in Barcelona, Spain. Patrick tells the story of pissing off another comedian named George, resulting in a rumble on the Rambla. Celestian is a prodigy

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NLO 1100: Hella Haterz

Patrick is in the studio solo today to address a ton of hate coming our way. In the first half of the show, Patrick talks shortly about Letterman retiring and what it means to him.

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NLO 1094: Comedian Dan Nainan

Comedian J-L Cauvin is hanging out in the studio for this special show. Not long ago, fellow comedians and podcasters Joe Robinson and Rob Maher made Patrick aware of Dan Nainan, a comedian based in

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AS 985b – Josh Denny, D-Fritz

It’s bitchfest part two and Patrick and Josh continue arguing about who knows what. D-Frtiz takes it all in.   Download MP3        … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log In SUBSCRIBE

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NLO 984: Red Hawt

Comedians Al Jackson and Josh Denny are here. This ones is a long one, but the public version is shorter. Patrick and Josh get in to one of their epic ego battles, and Al Jackson

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NLO 981: Hooters and Handcuffs

Patrick has just returned from Las Vegas, and boy does he have some stories. First, the show takes an awkwardly serious turn when D-Fritz and Captain Daddy talk about STD’s for about twenty minutes for

Aftershow Video

Aftershow 806 – Cornell Reid

Cornell Reid sits in for an after-show. Does anybody want a hand painted beer bottle incense burner? Was NLO better in the beginning, or now? Vegas casino talk. Carrot top and other Vegas acts that…


Aftershow 794 – Josh Denny

FOUR HOUR SHOW! This show starts out fun and funny, but gets real serious really fast. Patrick and Josh have a three hour real argument on air, which all started when Patrick confuses LLC’s with…