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NLO Nerdathon – 1/28/2012

Fans Hobeiche, Craig in NY and Dan in Denver organize a live stream of some game called Terraria to raise money for Patrick’s cause. They were streaming it on some shit service. Anyway, that game is mad stupid, and Canada and Hobeiche don’t know what they’re doing. That server crashed and so everyone was bored. Patrick popped in and ended up staying for eight hours. EIGHT HOUR BONUS SHOW!


Patrick gets a sandwich delivered from a fan, he drinks tea, he sets up his Xbox in the studio and plays Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto 4, where the fans find out that Patrick is a straight-up cop killa.


Huge thanks to Hobeiche and his disgusting girlfriend, Craig and Dan.



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15 Responses to “NLO Nerdathon – 1/28/2012”

  1. is hobeiche really mad?

  2. btw, patrick you’re hardly the expert on videogames so stop saying ps3 sucks! haha otherwise love the show. free internet play, blu ray discs, internet browser (which admittedly sucks balls but better than nothing), standardized Hard drive for easy upgrades (no need to buy overpriced xbox hdd), quieter than xbox, no giant power brick, graphics and gamplay on par with 360, HDMI port (360 originally didnt have though i think all or some have hdmi now). I’m not anti-xbox but as far as the hardware, i definitely believe ps3 has the upper hand. xbox live does have a couple things psn doesnt like voice chat no matter where you are on the console, this is a nice feature, but i for someone who doesn’t play all that often (you patrick) it seems that paying for a service you don’t use all that often would outweigh one or two things that are superior about xbox live (the only part of xbox i consider superior)

  3. HA. i sound like such a faggy fanboy. Make fun of ps3 all u want.(i consider ps3 and xbox360 to be on relatively equal ground, but i personally don’t like paying to play the video games i purchased, especially ones i only purchased to play online)

  4. Xbox Live Silver is free, gold is less than $30 a year with a deal on Amazon or Woot sometimes. Ye the blu-ray is an edge, but BETTER blu-ray players are $39 now. Graphics of the same games are not equivalent in my opinion, but that’s just opinion. All Xbox’s have HDMI now – both consoles have been redesigned and have new components.You don’t have to buy an Xbox branded HDD – you can use any memory stick or USB hard drive. It doesn’t get easier than that. The software SMOKES PS3. Absolutely kills it. The netflix interface kills it. The Media Center compatibility (best part of Windows ever), media sharing is easier from macs and PC’s, LIVE TV channels, Same gamer tag and consistency across EVERY GAME EVER. PS3 Network is a disjointed joke, and some games cost money to play online. Nowhere near the sense of community. Kinect kicks PS3’s glowing dildos ass. I don’t see such a clear win for the PS3.

  5. The software is all well and good… but I bought a videogame console to… I dunno, play videogames? While the 360 had a great line up of games in the early days and the PS3 had shit all, now the 360 relies on the same few exclusive franchises all in roughly the same genre… while PS3 has a much bigger variety of Triple A exclusives in different genres.

    I’ll give the 360 the slight edge in terms of games that are available on both systems and more so in terms of online community, but the more reliable system with better exclusive games both in quality and quantity goes to the PS3 in my book.

    And to an extent, I agree with you about the Kinect over the PS3’s Move controller. Though I think they both suck ass. The Playstation Move is trying to capitalize on the Wii’s success, while the 360 is trying something different… admittedly, something Sony tried years before that with the Eyetoy… but I’ll give them credit for shoving it down our throats with around half a billion dollars or more in advertising, which caused it more success than the Sony equivalent.

    There also aren’t any games now that are pay to play online anymore. There was only one, which eventually switched to a free to play model, due to low subscribers. A few games do offer an optional premium payment service to get extra in game benefits, like the Call of Duty Elite service but they don’t limit online access at all.

    At the end of the day, the 360 is a great casual gamer console for
    someone who likes to play a game every now and then, but wants all those
    extra software perks while the PS3 is a hardcore gamer console for
    someone who’s solely in it for the games. They’ve both got their own
    markets that appeal to different people. Personally, I’m a hardcore
    gamer, so the PS3 appealed to me more.

    Alright, I’m done… I’m a PS3 fanboy geek and I’m sure I’ll get my ass torn a new one because of it.

  6. To your point that the PS3 has had better exclusive titles lately than the 360 let’s take a look at last years Metacritic scores. In the top 25 games of last year PS3 had 3 exclusive titles, 1 of those was a re-make of game you could’ve already bought so that leaves us with 2 NEW titles. 360, however, had 8 exclusives in the top 25 with no re-makes leaving that final tally 2 – 8 winner being Xbox.
    To variety of games of those exclusive titles; on the PS3 the only genre was action (I will concede that the sub-genres are different; action shooter and action platformer, but still), on the Xbox there were 6 distinct genres and if you include sub-genre they were all different.
    Then final bullet points on why you’re wrong:
    – Kinect has out sold Move by several million
    – PSN has had more than triple the down time of Live and Live has never lost sensitive customer data
    – Game installation is optional on 360, you shouldn’t have to wait 5-35 minutes to play your new game
    – Microsoft assumed responsibility for their hardware issues on release, Sony put the blame on the consumers and wouldn’t do anything
    – Of my 4 year experience working at Gamestop every PS3 fanboy has looked like this guy

  7. O rly… Forza 4 and Gears of War 3 are the only two 360 exclusives on that front page.

    Conversely the PS3 has Uncharted 3, Little Big Planet 2, and MLB 11: The Show.

    Unless you’re counting shovelware arcade titles (and shame on you if you are), your numbers are way off.

  8. Top 25 PS3 exclusives are: (
    –          ICO/Shadow of the colossus remake
    –          MLB the Show (you can’t be “hardcore” and into sports games let’s be honest)
    –          Little Big Planet 2
    –          Uncharted 3
    I’m not disputing that any of those are good games, they are (except MLB), but let’s look at 360 now.
    Top 25 360 exclusives: (
    –          Forza 4
    –          Gears of War 3
    –          Bastion
    –          Dance Central
    –          Radiant Silvergun
    –          Joe Danger
    –          Pinball FX 2
    I will concede Joe Danger and Pinball FX for being casual arcade games, but Bastion was a work of art with phenomenal gameplay. So yes I did miscount but eliminating remakes and crap arcade games that still leaves the final score 3 – 5 winner 360.

  9. Firstly, I never said the Move outsold the Kinect, so I don’t know why you bothered bringing that up.

    Plus way to bias the fuck out of the top 25 list. First of all, you used Metacritic, which is an absolute joke of a site. Second of all, you only counted the first 25 names in the list and only selected the exclusives out of that. Incredibly convenient that at number 26 and onward, there’s quite a few PS3 exclusives that make your list look insignificant, because they aren’t XBL/PSN games. A review score also doesn’t indicate sales or popularity with gamers… it only indicates the written opinion of dozens to hundreds of people who played it to judge the game, as opposed to the thousands or millions who actually bought it to have fun with it, as well as their opinions.

    You also didn’t do any research on Joe Danger, because if you had, you’d have known we’d had it on the PSN for a while now, it just got a delayed release.

    Game installation is the result of lazy developers who use the install
    as a crutch and not of the console. A good developer can make a hardware
    intensive game, yet never install a thing pre-game. The Uncharted
    series and God of War 3 are the big examples.

    Plus why bring up a single year of exclusives as opposed to an entire lifecycle? If we look at the list of big triple a exclusive in DISC form… in other words, the games people actually buy a console for… and games that aren’t also on PC, in the case of the 360 having quite a bit of overlap with the PC… basing it only on the name of the franchise and not every individual sequel… as well as franchises that remain exclusive to that console now…

    God of War
    Gran Turismo
    Heavy Rain
    Metal Gear Solid
    Rachet & Clank
    Twisted Metal

    Gears of War

    As I’ve said… I threw out games that are also available on the PC… because then it’s not actually exclusive. Even if I did throw in the PC games, you’d only have one extra name on that list, Alan Wake.

    The XBL HAS been hacked before… just on smaller scales. There was also never any credit card fraud, unlike the 360.

    And really? You really relied on a cheap appearance insult at the end? Way to rely on cheap name calling tactics, instead of making a good closing argument. I’m not gonna stoop to that level.

  10. LoL made this place even nerdier than before. After all the + and – though, i think no matter you’re choice we come out with a good console (unless you go wii lol). i currently only own a ps3 (early 360 adopter, had one of the first models and it was one of those 1/3 that died), but maybe I’ll get an xbox at some point to play on the next nerd o thon.                                                                                                       P.S Best wishes getting these money troubles out of the way, I’ll send you a few bucks tomorrow (payday)

  11. Connecting to a media server with PS3 is pretty easy. Not sure what you’re on about with the network. Screen names are maintained across every game, and you can sign in from any Playstation. I’ve also never heard of any PS3 game that makes you pay to play online. Unless your countring EA and Activision requiring that you purchase a code to play online if you bought the game used… but that applies to both PS3 and 360.

  12. All you need to do to connect to a media server on 360 is install the server (my experience is with TVersity, WMC as well as just sharing a folder off my PC). You’ve always been able to sign into any 360 you want, I will agree up until last update it was a bitch, but now you just sit down type in your username and password and you’re done, you never need to do anything on that box again. IDK what you mean by maintain screen names across every game but you set up your general settings once on 360 and your game preferences transfer to every game you play. Furthermore with the latest 360 update you can now save to the cloud and your saves go wherever you go.

  13. Also if this became a regular thing I would be all over it

  14. I make games for a living and I own all of the ‘consoleses and ‘computerses and they’re all awesome in different ways for different things. 

    Just like women.

  15. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life

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