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Overdose Show 6 – Out of the Dark Slamcast

Patrick received a tip from a listener that some podcast called OUT OF THE DARK is talking shit about the show. Patrick plays their audio and rips them several new ones on this Overdose-only show. HD video and audio below.

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13 Responses to “Overdose Show 6 – Out of the Dark Slamcast”

  1. This is like a BPOW and you said “prattle.” This show is awesome.

  2. “…an’ you can suck on these baw’s through mah draws” – 43:20

  3. It’s just like the old shows.  Seriously, BPotW was the best.

  4. “Out of the Dark” podcast = bitterness incarnate. Every attack they make is dripping with envy, especially when they start attacking the fan base.

  5. Wow, towards the end these guys completely lose their shit. The host says, essentially, Patrick doesn’t know anything about SEO or websites because he is not “in the business”, but says he won’t bother to explain why since Patrick is too stupid to understand anyway. I thought these guys were just butthurt, but it’s clear they are bullies looking for web traffic handouts from a more successful podcaster.

  6. hilarious, as someone who listens to both shows, i don’t think these guys aren’t envious of anything… they are some fake personalities that have no guilt, no soul and no regrets – i think you’re all missing the point. if you actually listen to their shows, you’d realize they were dicking around since patrick was the asshole first…

  7. Wow, I wonder who YOU are. Jesus. Be more obvious.

  8. Just another podcast trying to replicate NLO.

    Your guy’s show is nothing to sneeze at.

  9. Even if that is true the shit that comes out of your i mean “their” mouth is not funny at fucking all. it is a boring piece of shit show. If you really sit around and listen to the Out of the Closet into the Night podcast you are one boring fuck with a horrid sense of humor. ” That is one excellent point those guys probably never touched one them female nipples….”

  10. “i was doing search engine optimization before your dad had teeth up his buttcorn.”

  11. Comparing us to nerds who masturbate in the basement to manga while fingering our assholes. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much!

  12. Right, I mean, if we were nerds we would be quoting Hamlet?

    And just to take the nerdiness up to 11, the “protest” in that quote means “vow”. Gertrude is not saying the lady is objecting too much, but that her vows of love are too extravagant. []

  13. Worth the $10 a month

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