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Patrick’s Car-Cast 1: Phoenix to Los Angeles

Patrick makes the drive home from working in Phoenix for the weekend. This video includes check-ins along the 7 hour drive, from afternoon to night, including pit stops, California inspection station, getting lost and yelling at a GPS in the mountains, a traffic standstill, and even a guessing game. All this video was shot with a windshield mount and an iPhone 4S.


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36 Responses to “Patrick’s Car-Cast 1: Phoenix to Los Angeles”

  1. I think he ran someone over at 33:30.

  2. I guess 5 Guys!

  3. Just proving how worthless I am once again

  4. Watched/listened to it all and lots of awful words and self deprecation. ENJOYED IT!

  5. Lookswise, this is Pmelt at his most homosexual.  I just wanna lay a smooch on that puckered little asshole.

  6. I liked it. Would enjoy it even more, if for future car casts the camera could be set up so that we can see more of where you are going and generally more of the surroundings.

  7. I’m gonna say Del Taco.. 

  8. Dammit.

  9. I liked this and would watch more. It would be even more entertaining if he was doing updates in airports when flying to different comedy shows.

  10. Cruisin’ with Susan 

  11. Overdose rules ballz. Don’t cancel your subscriptions dicks

  12. Patricks got such a perdy mouth…

    Loved the HD quality at the start of this video too.
    Please film more of your life for us ; )

  13. If I come out to do the NLO Experience, I must go to Del Taco. I haven’t had it in years. Only place you can get a burrito, fries, hamburger and a shake. <3

  14. One more thing… All the other OD’ers would probably agree that this was a great idea. Don’t be afraid to just turn the camera on, even if you don’t have any topic, it’s fun just to listen to what you have on your mind! 

  15. It says i dont have permission to watch 🙁

  16. This is totally worth $10.

    I love this.

  17. Awesome stuff – keep it coming 🙂
    Would be great to have an MP3 version too – I get that a car cast is more of a visual thing but I listen walking to/from college (1 hour walk) every day so audio of these would be another hour of sweet companies from y’all’s voices.

  18. I’m much more likely to just download and listen to the audio as well instead of watching the video. “Call me crazy” but to watch a video I must be at the computer, to listen to the audio I can be gym/walking/standing in line/driving/clicking Next 100 times to install a program, etc

  19. or if you give us a way to download the video version so we can put it on our phones or ipod

  20. Not going to happen. It’s too much bandwidth. And I want you to come here and participate!

  21. I like

  22. This worked great. Please make more.

  23. It’d almost be sad how captivated I was watching a guy in his car, if it wasn’t so damn entertaining.

  24. $10 a month. I don’t understand why everyone isn’t subscribed.

  25. I love how Patrick yells at his gps like its a caller. “ok, you talk….”

  26. Enjoyed it pmlet

  27. Great stuff Patrick. Next time change the language on your GPS to Spanish. Hice poopsies en su cecil de peehole amigo…ceeecil

  28. This was pretty cool. Had it going in the background while i was getting some shit done.

  29. It’s like a regular show with the guest (GPS) constantly interrupting Patrick.  Well done!

  30. This was great, thanks Patrick!

  31. I had my doubts about this idea, but Patrick’s ability to ramble and still keep it interesting really brings it up a notch.  This is just the first one people, future ones will be even better.

  32. I loved this. It allows Patrick to pop on and say something when he gets the urge; much better than those shows that just last for hours and stop after the last call.
    Guessing game: Looks like I can eliminated two possibilities just from reading the comments. So I’m going to go with: Wendys

  33. Oh man. I was just remembering when you talked about how they changed how they put the cheese on their stuff.
    By the way, I got used to the weather after moving into Phoenix. Now I love it, and I don’t want to move anywhere where it shows.
    I <3 Phoenix

  34. Loved this, I would love to see more car casts.

  35. This Turned out Great!  Thanks!

  36. Awesome. I listened to this while driving, I feel like we bonded. Also, try not to die while doing these, Patrick

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