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Aftershow 773 – Mike Bridenstine, Shooby

Mike Bridenstine and Shooby are here. Everyone is hungry. Patrick gets chocolate covered strawberries delivered, the guys play the game Bean Boozled, Patrick vomits chocolate. Mike can’t get anything but shitty jelly beans. The show ends with Cockfosters performing Jeremy by Pearl Jam.


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4 Responses to “Aftershow 773 – Mike Bridenstine, Shooby”

  1. The aftershow was funny as fuck. I love the jelly bean bit. Would love to see that again. Haha, so easy to get upset 

  2. Money well spent. I was actually faaaairly drunk (shocker I’m Scottish) at this point. You’re a good sport Patrick !

  3. This aftershow was hilarious! You people not in the overdose are faaaaaaaagggeetts.

  4. These after shows are awesome. Well worth the money. For pennies a day you get more than twice the content.The RSS feed makes it really easy to get. If you are not on Overdose and you like NLO something is seriously wrong with you. 

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