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Overdose Show 12 (Patrick)

Patrick’s sits down and enjoys some Chicken McBites with the fans. He talks about what’s wrong with fast food today, including ketchup and burgers. A fan has a Zune and can’t get the Overdose feed to work, but it turns out he just can’t follow instructions (stupid recklessrider). Josh Denny calls in to talk about whatever he talks about. Patrick explores the Gateway website and laughs at their computers, and talks about the Gateway he bought in high school. Jessica calls in and gets hung up on. We watch some YouTube videos of Flo, the Progressive girl.


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11 Responses to “Overdose Show 12 (Patrick)”

  1. All non-OD members, you are missing Patricks erotic dancing in this show. Stop it.

  2. Come on Dicks join the overdose its worth it

  3. The guy in the Android video said “SSR feeds.” He must be dyslexic.

  4. Or just an idiot Android guy.

  5. I mean what can I say? This shit is awesome. The RSS feed is so damn sweet as well! Works great with my Google Reader and Android. Keep up the great work Patrick. 

  6. For anyone who’s curious, Patrick’s dark erotic S&M dance out of a David Lynch movie is at 01:09:00.

  7. What about people who order small fries? Mega ketchup would be a waste, however this can be solved by two different sizes

  8. Do we really care about people who order a small amount of fries?

  9. I agree with all the zune comments, however the comments about windows 8 tablets being way behind the curve don’t mean much because those are windows 8 tablets, windows 7 tablets already exist. Does that mean they compete well with ipads? No.

  10. This article popped up on my twitter feed while listening to Patrick bash Microsoft hardware and Zune. 

  11. Patrick. Please do some research. The jitter is not because of software. It’s hardware. Or I could be wrong.

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