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Aftershow 777 – Cornell Reid, Tess Barker, Scott Bowser

This nearly two-hour aftershow gets crazy. Cornell Reid, Tess Barker and Scott Bowser stick around and talk about anything and everything that comes at us. Callers call in with topics, and somehow we end up looking at beastiality porn. That’s right. Horses, dogs, whatever. It’s a real Taco Pony Party in this bitch! Patrick shows a video of a fat nerd who thinks he’s just acting like a fat nerd, but he is really a fat nerd. There’s a lot of talk about Dominos pizza and the Pizza Tracker, including improvements that could be made. It’s a fun aftershow!


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8 Responses to “Aftershow 777 – Cornell Reid, Tess Barker, Scott Bowser”

  1. Really awesome aftershow. Took a super dark turn towards the end. Wish I would have been watching Live, would have loved to contribute some horror videos. I remember that horrid video of the guy fucking the dog. Aftershow crew were really chill to go along with the ride. haha. 

  2. Patrick you should probably download a universal video player such as VLC onto the media mac. It can even play those stupid .3gp videos most phones take. I hope this helps your best of beastiality compilation watching. 

  3. First of all, it’s “Inter-species Erotica”, not “beastiality” you savages. Also, Tess has an awesome rack.

  4. it does look pretty good

  5. I love that it can take people 20-30min to get a phone number for a prankcall, but ask for beastiality and it takes 5 seconds.

  6. Loved this show and the aftershow .. best female guest ever !

  7. Awesome! Let Tess know you liked her on Twitter too! @tesstifybarker:twitter 

  8. Anyone else get douche chills at the site of the tool wearing sunglasses in the studio.

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