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NLO 1176: Christian Camp

Cornell Reid is back on this special on-location show from Los Angeles. We catch up and talk about Cornell’s new house in the hills with it’s amazing view. It would be a real party and pussy palace if only Cornell wasn’t in a committed relationship with a daughter. While taking in the view, we discuss […]

AS 1058 – Al Jackson, Cornell Reid

This is the one you’ve been on pins and needles waiting for. Al Jackson and Cornell Reid stick around for an aftershow that is sure to be talked about for ages. On this show, we do a table read of a television pilot with several fans who call in, and the laughs just keep on […]

NLO 1058: Waxing Disgusting

The studio is packed with comics, including Al Jackson, Forrest Shaw, and Cornell Reid. We are focusing on hating people for the content of their character. Forrest tells us all about his earwax issues, and we all try not to gag. Al thinks it’s racist whenever anyone says the word banana. Asians are taking over […]

NLO 1053: Smellilizer

Comedians Cornell Reid and Tess Barker are here for this content-packed show. Patrick talks about all the recent goings on with the prep for his move, including some recent snags. Cornell and the gang ponder the Apple watch and it’s coolness. We take some calls about white trash and how it varies around the country. […]

NLO 1039: Gauze Strip

Cornell Reid returns to the show to spice up the studio today. Cornell is a new father, and throughout this show we get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a new daddy these days. We take a call from Sean in Liverpool, as well as other fans. We talk about the latest plane […]

NLO 1027: Jan 2014 Marathon Show Part 6

Chip Chip Chris is tripping out on mushrooms hard. The studio is also packed with the likes of Moody, D-Fritz, Tess Barker, Cornell Reid and more. We talk about Trader Joes and why you should only go there for food, not toiletries. Chris starts squirming in his seat and becoming nuts on the shrooms. Kevin […]

NLO 1026: Jan 2014 Marathon Show Part 5

Chip Chip Chris arrives in the United States, and Cornell Reid pops in. It’s the NLO Marathon Show, and we are in hour number nine. Moody and D-Fritz are also in the studio, and we’re raising money for Chris to pop some mushrooms live in the studio – allegedly. We talk about Moody being smug […]

AS 1020 – Cornell Reid, Scott Bowser

Cornell Reid and Scott Bowser stick around for an aftershow. We talk about everything from hot sauce to hookers. Who did Beyonce used to date? Who did John Mayer bang? And also we check out something called Palcohol.    

NLO 1020: Baby Corn

Cornell Reid and Scott Bowser are in the studio, and don’t worry about there being plenty of ice. On this show, we go over Cornell’s recently created wishlist for both his baby and himself. It’s full of about 58 baby halloween costumes, video games, and other street wear that has no business on the baby […]

AS 1015 – Cornell Reid, Scott Bowser

Cornell and Scott stick around to check out some more YouTube videos. We also make fun of Bar Rescue some more.    

NLO 1015: More Ice

Cornell Reid and Scott Bowser are in the studio, and there’s plenty of ice. Patrick is having a series of mini panic attacks about the Federal government and what they think is their fair share of money he doesn’t have. Cornell is still having a baby, and for a few minutes we make some very […]

NLO 1004: Three Musk

Cornell Reid is in the studio and he’s running late. As it turns out, he got a ride home last night and didn’t realize he didn’t have his car until show time. Patrick thinks candy isn’t exciting any more as an adult. Cornell has some big news which is surprising for most of the fans. […]

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