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NLO 781: Virginiversary


RYE SILVERMAN and ALLI BREEN are in the studio today. Alli has Patrick all frazzled again by showing up seconds before the show begins. Patrick remember that he lost his virginity on this day, and tells the story. Rye indulges Patrick, Alli and fan Colin with questions about his cross dressing. We come up with a new name for Harlem. Patrick can’t get his new expensive printer working. The death threat issue has been resolved. We talk about disapproving family members and how you need to live life for yourself. We are still trying to get Richard Karn on the show. Alli has no idea who Richard Karn is. Patrick used to program viruses and games for scientific calculators. Patrick things Tom Hanks fucked that volleyball on the island on the movie Castaway. Alli thinks Patrick is an asshole because of his flirting techniques. We find out what Sweet Brown is, and also explore the world of gravy wrestling.


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2 Responses to “NLO 781: Virginiversary”

  1. Really cool to hear Rye’s insight on the cross-dressing subject. Although it struck me as a bit odd for a real subject to be discussed in the midst of such sillyness, It was very interesting. Loved the show. 

  2. We talk about serious issues all the time. Gay rights, nature versus nurture, controversial news like the gay kid in the dorm whose roommate filmed him kissing a guy and then he killed himself, and the Trayvon clusterfuck. It’s not odd for us to talk about serious issues and make them entertaining.

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