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Overdose 28 – Chef

Chef is visiting from Florida, and we do a special bonus show just for OD members. The video has some audio issues, so check out the audio file for the full 90+ minute show!

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6 Responses to “Overdose 28 – Chef”

  1. Goes silent after about 16mins

  2. Yep same here.

  3. Awww really? For you too? Maybe there’s a problem with the file or something. Like I mentioned in the notes. I fear for the future of this world when no one can read ANYTHING anymore.

  4. I just read the top sentence, which told me all I though I had to know before playing the video and full screening it. When it cut out, I simply checked the comments and saw someone else had an issue, and said I did too. It would probably be more advantageous to put the fact that the video has issues in the first sentence.

  5. I’m lazy and blame you.

    TL;DR of the above.

  6. I apologize in advance for failing at using skype on this show

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