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NLO 876: Huge Downs


Comedian DAN GABRIEL is in the studio, looking as dapper as ever. It’s been awhile since Dan visited. We talk about a lot in this show, ranging from the serious to the silly. Patrick opens some mail from listeners, including an awesome new pencil drawing of Patrick as Napoleon. Patrick wonders where the Joker gets his makeup, we talk about gun control, and Dan tries to get Patrick in to yoga. Finally, Patrick has started Facebook trolling on the Tampa Bay Comedians group on Facebook. He loves it.




2 Responses to “NLO 876: Huge Downs”

  1. why all the fuss with guns . 3 times more people die every year in car
    crashes. why isn’t every car speed limited to 10 miles an hour? if they
    were, no one would die in car crashes. Death is fine with us ,so long as
    it means we can get around quickly. so lets not kid ourselves that we
    give a shit about death . It is just the manner of death , not death
    itself , that seems to matter to people

  2. Of course “we” know the best way for “other people” to live; but since changing the speed limit would affect us, we would oppose it; but if you don’t already own a gun, it’s easy to just think “Why don’t we just get rid of all the guns?” since you don’t think it will affect you.

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