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PM in the AM – Weds, Nov 1, 2017

Patrick talks about the attack in NYC. We also take a look at the iPhone X.  

PM in the AM – Special Liverpool Edition

Patrick is in Liverpool and does a PM in the AM with Sean. Sean has a baby now, but fantasizes about what life would be like as a single dad if his wife dies. Patrick somehow gets a free new MacBook Pro from Apple.  

AS 1240 – Curran Events, Shooby

Steve Curran calls in with his new segment, Curran Events. Shooby hangs out to watch some more creepy animal cartoons. We examine Alex Jones and other conspiracy theorists. Somehow we get back into Giraffes.  

NLO 1160: Nahhhh

Comedians Chris Gardner and Evan Jones are here to argue about candy. Not argue, but for some reason that’s how we kick things off. Patrick doesn’t understand why we don’t have new candy or new sports invented anymore. We take a look at a Wal-Mart employee that can’t wait until he gets home to jerk […]

NLO 1130: Grown Folks Dancing

Shooby sits in on this show and we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Patrick explains the show to new listeners in a nutshell. The kind of nutshell that is actually a long, rambling example of how this show hops around from topic to topic like a suger-addled toddler who just did some PCP. […]

Apple Watch Unboxing

Patrick unboxes his new Apple watch, purchased by the fans.    

NLO Apple Watch Show

Shooby sits down to show off his brand new higher-class Apple Watch. Patrick gets insanely jealous and just starts making fun of it. After showing off various features, Patrick says he wants one and prompts listeners to begin sending in dollars for his new Apple Watch fund. Before we know it, fans are calling in […]

iPhone 6 Order Debacle

Patrick and Shooby decide to order iPhones together on a family plan. At midning on September 12, orders for the new iPhone 6 went live. This is the live show from when we tried to order.    

The iPhone 6 Announcement

Patrick covers the iPhone 6 announcement by Tim Cook and that guy with the things on his face. You won’t believe how much of a clusterfuck this presentation was. Oh and the Apple watch. Oh man! It’s so cool!    

NLO 1051: Vis a Vis

Moody is back in Los Angeles and we are happy to put him in your ear holes again. On this show, Patrick picks up the lighter and starts burning his iPhone 6 cardboard prototype. No studio fire this time. We talk to some fans in the chat room about their past relationships and just end […]

NLO 1013: PC People

D-Fritz sits in with Patrick on this short show. Patrick is heading off to New York City and is in frantic travel mode. D-Fritz is fresh off his Bitcoin t-shirt win and thinks he’s bit-rich. Patrick talks about iOS and an experience at the Apple store trying to get his phone fixed. He also talks […]

AS 1011 – D-Fritz, IJHATT Kyle, Hamcast

It’s an extended Friday aftershow with D-Fritz, Kyle from IJHATT, Adam the ham-goblin, Kevin and more. Lukster even calls in on this one. We get a visit from some hackers, and we also get shut the fuck down. It’s really gets to us. Kyle order pizza while Adam and Patrick try to make a coin […]

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