NLO 1331: Swabs and Slobs

It’s a tense morning here at the Onions studio, and Patrick is preparing to go for an examination that could change the course of the show forever. This could be the last time you hear from him, as he’s on the way to get a COVID-19 test soon, and he’s vowed that if he’s positive he won’t be wasting his last days podcasting. The sentimentality sends Patrick down a podcasting walk to remember. We check in on veteran podcaster punk celebs, Dawn and Drew, to see what they’re up to. Patrick talks about the latest Apple news and gives some advice for cleaning up your computer. Roy Johnson pops in with a Tulsa report as we discuss the country rebounding in coronavirus stats and the apparent second wave begins to engulf us all.

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Episode Guests

Roy Johnson

Roy Johnson

Tulsa, OK

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