Roy Johnson

Roy Johnson
"I don't tolerate people who eat ranch dressing."


Roy Johnson has been a frequent guest on Nobody Likes Onions for years, bringing some of the shows most memorable moments and scandals. His comedy CD, “Love Notes from the True Romantic” reached critical acclaim amongst nuanced fans of echos. Since appearing in his first open mic on July 17th, 2000, Roy toured the country with some of the biggest names in comedy. In 2006 he won the Maxim/Bud Light Real Men of Comedy Competition in Atlantic City. In 2010, Roy moved back to Tulsa, Oklahoma where he currently manages the Loony Bin comedy club, teaches comedy classes to budding comedians, and occasionally takes the stage to show the newbies that he still has it.
Roy left Tampa in 2009, taking Patrick’s Xbox with him in the process. They argue to this day over whether or not the gaming system was loaned or given to Roy.
Tulsa, OK

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