NLO 1330: Fireworks & Furloughs

Patrick is drinking for the first time in about a month, and Roy Johnson joins in from Tulsa. It’s late on a Friday, it’s hot in the desert, and it feels like the world is ending. Sláinte! Patrick doesn’t understand why Microsoft ruins anything it touches. People need to stop setting off fireworks for no reason. Patrick pitches his idea for a new quarantine haircut business. Comedians are really mad about not getting unemployment money. We officially launch the Pizza-Off, and discuss strategies and recipes as the interest from participants heats up. Roy is confident in his abilities, but is clearly shaken by the competition. Patrick knows he has no chance. The conversation turns to coronavirus, and somehow in to a discussion of Landry Miller and his recent bid for Tulsa City Council. Patrick shows how long his hair has gotten and it’s borderline creepy. And by that we mean it’s almost not creepy.

Episode Guests

Roy Johnson

Roy Johnson

Tulsa, OK
Landry Miller

Landry Miller

Tulsa, OK

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